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About Setupapi, folder size and FONTS

Hello, everybody. I have already posted that I don't have setupapi in my windows folder, and it doesn't reappear, nor it is required to work. I can attribute it only to Lynx-Juli@ difference, as I can't remember any problem removing this file from regular retail version of XP or the VL version I am using now. VL version, however, allows to remove out of box experience (oobe)from nLite install. i do have win.ini file reappearing each time I delete it and it's a good practice to delete it if you are restoring the "burned" registry. I have a folder called config recent where I keep the latest working hives. If I have rendered my system unbootable by too brave registry deletions or while experimenting with kernel file, I delete the real config folder, delete win.ini, repopulate the config folder from config recent AND LOAD SYSTEM HIVE into another Windows' reg editor to create a log with a time stamp in it. Then I reboot, and it works perfectly. This way I have my cmp windows just like an empty shell, a cadaver, if You allow such comparison, with a registry of my choice to be its mind.
About the files' sizes. I AM SURE, that while giving all attention to registry, many have forgotten to delete EVERYTHING from EVERY file in reshacker. I have done it even with drivers, as sys files are mere dlls. Even my Lyns driver is hacked free of almost all strings. I don't have any code texts inside my file and even version info. All this crap is mapped into memory, btw. And this is how we come to fonts.
Fonts are (in computer) not just a table that allows You to print by pressing corresponding keys. There are 1674 glyphs (bitmaps in the form of a letter or sign) in every Unicode otl-ttf system font, add to it apart from bitmaps, however tiny, their VECTOR (real) incarnation. All this crap is constantly being held in memory, as these are SYSTEM fonts + their screen doubles from screen fon files like 8514fixed, sys or oem. Reducing what was possible, and I left only barely enough for normal lettering+ computer conventional glyphs like {\+=!? <>, we have a reduction comparable, if not exceeding the shell32 and user32, thus the effect is so prominent even now, with every, even big tweak, bringing less and less in sq - there is practically (almost) nothing to improve.
I think, that should we have our fonts reduced at say tweak part 10, everyone would cry WOAHHH!!! (though, I may be wrong, it's too late to check now).
So, this is my opinion and my folder.
P.S. In order that Your screenshots be more sharp, I'd recommend to reopen the bmp files, that You create in MS Paint and save As jpg. They will be 5-8 times lighter and won't cause problems with AA.

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