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Bitch Batch...

After making the batch files for various Steppe's, Jolida's & Mihaylov's lists, as well as their Registry Mods, i now wish to make a SINGLE batch file, which will take the cMp from the basic Optimised Cics stage to the Steppe 22, including all the above mentioned lists, Registries, Screenshots, & Optimisations...in ONE-CLICK..
Since inmates have different flavours of cMp (Julia@, Lynx, Networked), i request u to give me a list of files to be RETAINED for each of the above. For eg. I am a Non-Networked Juli@ user, so i may remove files which the Network-user may need to retain. Same goes to users of Lynx cards. As i have completely built my cMp various times, i know which files are needed for a user who uses the cMp with Juli@ & without network. I guess only Two other sections remain..."Lynx, & Network"...
If someone can give me a list of files to be retained for the above Two, i can make an All-in-One Batch that would be Customized to the above Specs...


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