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RE: I was not aware the network could be used to sonic advantage

with the removal of the networking capability could there be such an improvement

It needs to be tested but my guess would be that a good network-connected but headless setup would come out on top.

The orthodox setup includes a keyboard, a mouse (possibly a wireless one) and a monitor (perhaps with a touchscreen), all of them noisier than school children at a boy-band concert. Many builders use separate switching power supplies for the CPU, for the motherboard and for disk drives and adopt a bewildering variety of measures to tame them. Data are stored on locally-connected (notoriously noisy) spinning disks. The whole lot is typically squeezed together in a case beneath a rat's nest of cables. What a mess. (If you don't believe me, look at almost all pictures of inmates' systems - they're a veritable plague of "leeches on a mermaid's ass".

Compared to that lot, the likes of a Fit-PC2 (or indeed almost any mini-ITX mobo where the total power draw is about the same as most soundcards on their own) with a good linear PSU sited remotely, an SSD for the OS (also with a remote linear PSU) and a LAN to provide control and data seems to me as simple as it gets.

Hmmmmmm. A Keyboard, a mouse, a monitor, switching PSUs, at least one spinning disk, a soundcard with enough PSU add-ons to rival a small aircraft - or a mostly-inactive networking stack. Tough call.

Mihaylov: I do not recommend to owners of network configurations of cMP2 do this tweak

I've done most of the steppe 5 deletions and am reasonably convinced that there's an improvement to be had but I have not tried deleting anything that might be to do with networking and probably won't.

"Сonvenience" and "best sound" not is mandatory contradict each other.

Agree completely.


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