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No question; I have no idea what it is doing

I used halves since that is all I could think to do!

It seems even after dividing Serge's number by four the tracks have more segments than they did at zero.

It did not make a difference in segments (that is an easy to see difference)when I went from half to a quarter.

I was thinking that since the "full" number would not allow the track to be loaded at all that it might be working in an opposite way from what had been assumed. Then again, I was assuming what the assumption was.

I listened for a couple of hours with the quarter number and it sounded good. I cannot honestly say it sounded any better. I think my first impression was because I had the volume turned up too high!

No question we need to find out just what this does.

I thought Serge was thinking it was a way to either implement AWE or make the AWE "lock" larger. But the fact that my machine which does have AWE working also says "0" leads one to believe that this is not part of AWE,
I have noticed that when connecting my music computer SSD to my other computer than when I load the hive I will have entries on the music SSD's registry that have nothing to do with the "music" registry - it will show the drives in my other machine and things like that so there is not a complete divorce between the two registries.

When I change the registry on the music SSD it will not affect the other machine, so that is not a concern (unless, as I have two times now I lose track of where I am and move from the loaded hive to the "other" machines registry (very stupid)). But this could be one of those situations where the registry is reflecting the host computer's registry and not the registry's hive you have loaded. Excuse the fact that I do not know how to speak the computer vernacular. I hope this makes some sense.

This may be an instance where I am not able to truly see the setting my music computer is using when active.

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