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Answering Dawnrazor...


I'm glad this works for you... thanks for reporting back.

Are you using just one psu? Or 2 with the 2nd working the drives? Or the 2nd one doing the drives and the processor??

Single Antec 430 PSU (P4 & P24 only), Granite-type power brick for SSD (3 x OS + 1 FAT32 local Music library), external eSATA/FW/USB drive enclosure with dedicated power brick (2TB Master Music Library).

Typical clockspeed is 900 MHz, thought I can get down to 800, if I'm prepared for glacial response from mouse & keyboard. I haven't listened to 800-SQ recently, must put that on the list of "Things to ReVisit".

Vcore will not drop below 0.75000 V - if I want the thing to start !

Drives are connected to primary IDE controller (master & slave) - second controller is disabled in BIOS.

cPlay settings -> Output: 192 KHz; Buffer: Tiny; Resampler: SRC/145 dB

Juli@ settings -> Driver: v1.10 (XP, 2004-05-20); Latency: 64 samples (stubbornly, this driver will not do 48 without severe distortion !); S/PDIF out (copper) via custom BNC connector > DIY cable ("SUNHER SWITZERLAND RG 302/U 75 OHM" proclaims the outer jacket)


That's not a Toy... IT'S A TOOL !!

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