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RE: Optimizing power on the P24 pin. What way is worth the trouble?


My current setup uses a Power-One 12v / 1.7A supply for the P4 (fitted with several Black Gate 1000uF caps), a un-modified Pico 120 psu (currently changing the caps on another pico and putting together a linear 12v to replace the switcher) and a Power-One 5v 2A supply for the HDDs.

I am about to change it putting all the psu's in another case underneath the Antec case. So having read the various posts it seems to me that I should try your idea of switching the pico lines off and switching in three other linear psu's. So would I be correct in saying that for the P24 supply there would be effectively 4 psus, a 12v to power the picoPSU, another 12v, a 5V and a 3.3V psu? The first 12V (on the picoPSU) would stay connected with the 12V / 5V / 3.3V switching in and out.

Where do you have the switches? I assume that the picoPSU would not be plugged directly into the board but into a socket that feeds into the switch.

I have tried batteries on the P24 but it is the charging that made me change back to the Switcher/picoPSU; if changing over to batteries then I would like to leave the batteries in situ and when the pc is switched off they would connect to a charging circuit. For the moment I have too many other projects to pursue this idea - I am sure that a search of the web will give me what I need to know.

I also need to power my Juli@ from batteries - this one is high on my list as I have to break out the SPDIF and I2S signals to send directly to the DAC.

And of course then there is the time to listen to the music!!

Thanks for your information.


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