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The mystery is solved!

I probably have. Not at home to check.

Easy enough to restore. I have plenty of old config files laying about.

We'll see.

The question does remain: just how important is this? If I have already disabled it (which is likely) and am enjoying what I perceive to be improved quality I wonder if this is still important in our minimized machines.

The more I read about AWE, and considering I am using a 512mB memory I really wonder just what it could do. Seems intended for large value memory installations. Seems like it could be confusing to the machine when the value of the memory (as in my case) is so small. Any opinion?

I tried the 1gB Kingston Value Ram without success. Could not get anywhere close to Serge's settings, would not run on low voltage and did not sound very good. Maybe the fact it was new and I was not patient enough to let it break-in? Maybe the version you are using is different than the one I got? I bought it from NEWEGG so I feel sure it was a real KINGSTON product.

And while I am rambling on - I have yet to attempt running the memory stick from a battery. What battery voltage are you using? I assumed a D cell. Does the MB still regulate that voltage down to the 1.2V?


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