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That is not quite right

Adjusting a cartridge's load is not neccesarily about voicing though one could do that if they wanted. There are actual electrical parameters that need to be met due to the cartridge's characteristics.

All I can say is that I no longer am getting the blue screens and squeal and it is not as if the sound I am hearing is not attractive.

It is a more robust sound.

When someone loads a MC cartridge with too low resistance one will get a bassy bloated sound and lose output voltage; one can like it but it is not (really) what the designer intended.

One can take the voicing thing to the point where fidelity to the sound that was actually captured has little to do with what is actually ultimately heard. Sometimes this is good for a really bad recording but usually will introduce distortions (euphonic to some) that will mask what is there. This can be advantageous on some recordings but usually makes a mess of many others. I guess I want as much information as I can get and that is my bias. Neutrality is my goal. Sometimes you have to live with the warts.

I would like to know the reason for /maxmem since there is no reduction in power used by the memory when implementing this so the argument about reducing RFI does not apply here.

I think it is something that worked before and has been made superfluous with later developments.

Just my opinion.

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