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RE: Totally agree with Rick

Hi Theob,

I get what you are saying and probably would feel that way too.

I certainly dont mind the effort and messing with things. Please look at my comments not as me saying "hey I am too lazy and I just want someone to do the work" That is not what I am saying and not what I think Bibo01 is saying.

I AM saying that things are so muttled and confused that I cant figure it out. If you could even tell me the overall steps then I could figure it out.

Something like:

1. Do steppes steps 1-20
2. Nlite
3. Registry tweaks

Honestly I dont know if you guys are using nlite to do registry things or to accomplish steppes steps or something else. Or if the batch files should be used and when, etc.

And if I went back and started at step 3 where are the pitfalls? I recall seeing some revisions and some dead ends. I dont really want to go down that path if I can avoid it.

I would settle for a thread that just gives a general overview and links to the posts that tell you what to do.

Anyhow I read posts about missing things and going back to the original cmp2 build and finding things that were missing and it is easy to think we are chasing our tails. I am guessing that things are better now and that the improvements are worthwhile these days??

Cut to razor sounding violins

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