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Re: Merlin, Sonus Faber, B&W, Martin Logan

I'm in a similar situation: looking for floorstanders. I do not own any of the speakers you name--although I'll be auditioning the Cremonas in the next week or so. I have heard the Merlins and Martin-Logans on a number of occasions in separate venues. This is only my opinion, but I find the Merlins a little antiseptic for my tastes. The Logans have a particular sound that many people love. I don't. The attack on guitars and string instruments in particular sounds artificial to me.

You might give a listen, if you can, to the Dali MS-4. This is in the price range, and a number of folk are fond of it. I just auditioned the MS-4 and MS-5, and liked the MS-4 better. It's still not my ideal speaker. A speaker you could consider is the new Meadowlark Nighthawk, which seems to fit your requirements well. It's a pretty difficult process, isn't it--especially when one is sinking thousands of dollars into something one really can't get a handle on because of the vagaries of room acoustics?

If you like, I'll email you along the way as I listen through the contenders in the next month.

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