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You can't change history that easily, silly.

jc: ""
Jneutron tried that recently with a typo of the temperature of SN62 solder. I appariently typed a 4 instead of a 3 in stating the melting temperature in degrees F. I got berated for it. I guess that, if controlling the soldering processes at my lab was a primary occupation of mine, at first glance, I would have noted it immediately. However, I only note the relative temperature of different solders, and I know that SN62 is one of the lowest melting temperature, eutectic, common solder formulations (you know, the kind that you can buy at the store), and therefore should be relatively easy to melt.""

You make me laugh.

You stated "my Sn 62 solder which melts at 460 degrees."

So I said, Here's a list of alloys that melt at 460, Sn 62 ain't there, it's much lower.

Your response...radio silence.

Then in a typically stupid attack, you say I know very little about material science, to which I point out your errors with solders and fluxes..mentioning your 470 (my error) degree solder..

To which, you fabricate a complete lie. You said you pulled the number out of a 20 year old book on soldering.

Then you back off the book story claiming I attack you for a typo, but then, it's in the book..no it's a typo, but, it's in my book.......wait, what lie am I trying to foist upon everybody???

John, do us a favor...whenever you make something up, write it down. That way, you can at least be consistent and not look like a fool...

jc: ""I guess that, if controlling the soldering processes at my lab was a primary occupation of mine, at first glance, I would have noted it immediately""

Maybe, but you've not shown a very high level of memory to date, why would that be any different??

I did most of my soldering work 15 years ago, vapor phase, hydrogen belt, vacuum, focussed infrared, resistive, hot air, nitrogen, step soldering, even (heaven forbid) soldering iron..my expertise in that technology was enlisted to build a very large and complex machine which has a downtime expense of 41.6 Kilobucks per hour, and a single solder joint repair time of 5 days.

It's only in the last 13 years that I had to develop all the process and techniques needed for reliable solder joints in a 4.2 Kelvin environment.

You are berated for acting like an a-hole, John, not for typos. It's that simple.

If you are berated a lot, well, cause and effect dude..

Cheers, John

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  • You can't change history that easily, silly. - jneutron 09:50:59 10/26/06 (0)

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