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Rest Easy

The part that "eats" and "melts" is the carrier, and the most aggressive of the carriers is acetone. It is in the DAP and the 3m 77. It does not effect the mylar unless you were to expose it for a severe length of time. Otherwise, being as volatile as it is it evaporates almost instantly. (the only thing more volatile I know of is Last record preservative) And there is more of it hitting the mylar during cleaning than when re ataching the coils.

In any case, when it's gone, that's it. And it's gone nearly immediately.

Also, acetone is not petroleum based. It is manufactured but it also occurs naturally in nature in plants and trees as well as other sources. So it also mixes with water, unlike petroleum products, but the materials it carries generally are not soluable in water, which is an irony.

DAP has long been used as a veneer glue, and many woods have tannic and other acids that would react with a caustic carrier and darken or effect such a thin strip of wood. DAP does not do this, and it also does not get brittle as it is not effected by the movement of wood expansion and contraction. That's why I chose it.

There was also a reply early in the post who said he'd been using the DAP for years on electrostats with great success (yeah, thanks for keeeping it a secret :^ ) with no side effects. He is just starting to try the water based type, but he too is wary of it's longevity, especially in humid conditions.

I've been rocking them a good 4-5 hours a night since I did it and they are working and sounding great. Teamed to the other persons comments about using it for years with stats, I think we have a worry free done deal.

Ding Dong, it's the death knell for 3M 77.

It's all about the music...

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