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By the way, you can use most other HTML tags directly in messages here. Such as i /i for italic text, b /b for bold text, u /u for underlined text, etc.

If you want to incorporate a graphic into your message without using Optional Image URL feature which always places the image at the end of your message which may not be where you want it, you can use the img tag (just img, there's no /img). Though the graphic has to reside on a system somewhere that's accessible. For images, you'd do the following:

[img src="http://www.wherever.com/somegraphic.jpg"]

Again, just replace the left and right brackets with left and right arrows.

You can place the img tag between center /center tags to center the image on the user's screen instead of having it left justified.

[img src="http://www.wherever.com/somegraphic.jpg"]

The system also directly interprets exteded ASCII codes so you can enter them directly instead of using the HTML equivalent. If you have a PC, just hold down the Alt key and use the number pad (NOT the numbers above the letters) and enter the code number and release the Alt key.

For example, the number for the copyright symbol is 0169. Hold down Alt, hit 0169 and voila ©. Trademark is 0153. Which can be used with the sup /sup HTML tags to make it look better, such as FLOOBYDUST.


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