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what other explanations are possible

I think this is what high sampling rates would do, ie push the nasty sharp filters up out of the way so their effects are lessened down low.

I am not led by this test, despite my attachment to starting transients and decays as part oif this, to conclude that we have to HEAR these VHF EH frequencies, it could also show that we need very wide bandwidths for digital if we are going to use steep antialiasing filters OR that we need gentle slopes at least lower down?

If we accept the primacy of starting transients (attacks) and decays - for each note - in our getting the music, then this could well be what is going on.

IE - we need to have a wide frequency response so that we don't have filter effects inn the audible range of the fine details of these parts of all notes.

I would expect that super tweeters are going to be of most value in sytems using analogue tape, MC's for vinyl, and systems with high sampling rate digital sources, and perhaps even resampling devices.

Testing for this, with and without the ST, for the wide band case could be revealing, I think.

It might also depend on the down band filter effects of the ordinary tweeter and its LP filter, when run without the ST. Let alone the matching of the ST and its HP - ie to the main tweeter's roll-out.

I mean Quad 57's get this stuff pretty right on vinyl, and yet they die pretty low down don't they?


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