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Mye oh mye; what a difference a stand can make.

I've had Mye stands on my 1.6QRs for five days now and I'm posting today because I want anyone who is remotely considering upgrading their system or adding stands to know that IMHO the Mye stands made a quantam improvement in the musicality of my system.
Before going on, disclaimers are in order. I don't know Grant from Adam's housecat but both his service and the quality of his product are impecable. I don't consider myself in anyway an electronics/stereo expert but I listen to music daily and I know what my system sounds like with music from Diana Krall to Randy Travis and from Holtz to Aerosmith's Honkin On Bobo. For anyone skeptical, let me reassure you that stands do indeed change the sound of maggies and in my case, much to the better.
I've had the 1.6's for over a year; they're stock, run by a Myryad MA240 amp and MP100 preamp and biwired. CDP is a Marantz 8260 sacd/cd. The room is dedicated and the only room treatments I've needed were huge silk ferns(6 ft. by 4 ft.) behind each speaker and smaller ferns at each side at the first reflection point(thanks go out to the planar asylum tweaks section and countless "wasted" hours on the audioasylum).
I bought the Mye stands to improve bass and as advertised, they delivered. To my ear, the bass is deeper, fuller and richer. What is important to me, is that the bass fills out the overlying music adding weight and ending a sense of leanness that I heard/felt previously. The overall sound now seems fuller and more cohesive. Instruments and voices still have air around them but on dynamic passages there is now a palpable wall of sound. Voices are warmer on all genre and sibilance on pop/rock and poorly recorded cds is noticeably diminished. I particularly noticed improvement in tone/timbre on acoustic guitar, violin, cello and piano; I wish I could convey in words how much more musical information is reaching my ears and how much realism is added. Two final observations: The sound stage, while keeping its typical maggie depth, seemed to move forward a bit and the sweetspot distinctly expanded.
Again, my reason for posting today is to pass along my experience with stands. IMHO, they dramatically improve the listening experience, at least on 1.6's. If you are looking for stands I can highly,highly recommend Mye stands. If you are'nt looking for stands you probably should; I remain astonished at the improvement in my system.
I now resume my usual status of lurker.


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