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Re: Jim.How did they ever get away with that?

1970s "country of origin" laws were lax to say the least. Less than 20% of the total manufacturing costs as related to the final retail sale price(often less; some countries accepted single digit figures!) were necessary for calling a Japanese (or whatever) tube "GT. Britain". Just labeling, doing QC, finishing the solder on the pins, boxing, packing etc etc was MORE than enough to say Great Britain. Also, Matsushita OWNED Mullard and hence had their foot in the door, so to speak, to have free reign on labeling mande in Britain. This was not new, and has actually gotten worse. Take a look at virtually any "American" car and you'll have your answer. Saturns vehicles and other GM, (Chevy Malibu in particular) have Chinese drivetrains, and MOSTLY outsourced parts. But they are made in America! Then you have the made in USA Hondas, etc... it cuts both ways...

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