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My 2 cents worth........ + another 2 cents from me ...


Asumming it is a 721 instead of a 701, this is my opinion.
The 721 shares the same EDS1000 motor as the one in the 701.
The tone-arm from the 721 may even be better then tha one in the 701.

Both are great players, made in the high quality tradition bij DUAL.

I do not know the MMF, but I believe its a entry-level player, and the 721 was then top of the DUAL-line, made in 1978 at a time record-players where almost at the and of there evolution.
If you make a inflation correction for the 721, then a new 721 would cost these days > 1200 euro's ...

701 or 721, both players with a great hifi potential.

so I totally agree with DANJ


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