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Ah...deflection of any technical conversation..typical, John

""For the record, you have measured nothing in the audio realm to the best of my knowledge""JC

Your "knowledge" being the key word here..

""You have derided: Jon Risch, Dr. Hawksford, and me in the same way.""JC

No, you are incorrect..

I have detailed Jon Risch's scientifically unsupportable theories..I have also lauded work of his that I consider very good.

Hawksford is a monster for DSP stuff, but has mixed waveguide theory with e/m propagation, and completely neglects dielectric discontinuity, power flow, and quite a bit more..Within the essex article, the most telling sentence is "now let's play for the gallery", then goes into speculation.

You stand alone in that regard..while they are logical, knowledgeable, right in many things, wrong in others...they at least remain civil..and will acknowledge they do not understand all, and demonstrate the ability to learn.

You choose to snipe at what I've posted, the actual science facts are ignored...you deflect all critisism of you by accusing others of the exact behaviour you are guilty of..

I await your technical discussion..I've seen none here..

If you wish to have a dialogue at the level you are showing here, goto www.toaster-oven.com, hit the link "buttered both sides".

My toaster oven at least keeps quiet when it doesn't understand a topic..rather than deflect the conversation in a dumb attempt at saving face. My ten year old stopped that 2 years ago..

Cheers, John

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