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Re: I use a MAC PowerBook running XP

dburna -

Get as much RAM as you can afford. More is more, and RAM remains the key to maximizing the performance of any computer. Plus one of the real joys of OS X is that you can keep as many apps open all the time as you like to use - with the exception of a few very memory intensive things like PShop, Aperture etc - in which case you want as much RAM as you can get anyhow. Once you get the Mac you might want to use the free browser, mail, calendar, address book, all the iLife products etc etc

1Gb has to be considered a bare minimum - running both OSes I would opt for at least 2Gb

Hard drive is a bit different with many more variables to consider like how much of the time you will be on AC vs off the grid, how much you really want/need to store and carry around, what other gear you have, back-up plans etc. In assessing your needs allocate 5-10Gb to systems and applications - in that light, 80Gb is a goodly amount of storage - if you spend a little time to manage it - like moving things off the laptop when you do back-ups etc

At any rate drives get cheaper every day and are easy to replace assuming you keep the boot disk LOL

BTW I have had very good results with the Toslink out of my G5 tower, though that is a full size connector and I used a top of the line cable. Audioengr knows whereof he speaks and has done extensive testing but worst simply means that of the available choices, not awful...

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