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Mye Sound 1.6 stands

After watching my MG1.6s sway and flex when they hit the deep bass notes, I could well imagine how a firmer stand could improve the sound. Unfortunately, I have neither the time nor inclination for DIY projects, so I started searching for after market stands. I looked at the sound anchor web site, but their stands, while an improvement on the stock stands, didn't seem to brace the panels as well as the ones shown in the MUG tweaks section. I then searched the archives and came across Grant Vandermye's custom made "VanderStands" which he is now offering for sale. I e-mailed Grant, who is the manager of a metal shop in Canada, and he agreed to make the stands for my 1.6s and ship them to Florida. The fabrication took a little longer than anticipated, but Grant kept me informed all along the way and even e-mailed pictures of different stages during production.

I received them a few days ago. Grant's metal work is as professional as it gets. The parts fit together precisely and assembly took less than an hour. My 11 year old daughter held the panels for me while I screwed the stands in (didn't want to get the wife involved, she rolled her eyes when I was carrying the boxes upstairs). After assembly, the stands looked like they came with the Maggies rather than an after market accessory.

Ah, the sound...Well, I wasn't unhappy with the sound of my Maggies before, but I felt the stands made an especially large improvement in the bass slam department. The lower octaves were more clearly defined and I felt the stands gave more overall transparency and dynamics throughout the entire sound spectrum. Highly recommended!

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