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From Dennis :

Subject: WHAT ??

Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2006 14:14:11 -0600

Hi Jeff!

AH! I GET IT! We go to a movie theatre and we get bad sound! Too bad, as the 35mm sound tracks that theatres use are far superior to L.P.s, CDs, and even most 1" reel recorders.

When in L.A. (California), you should get to a really great theatre and hear this stuff! Real fidelity and true-to-life dynamics. The 35mm prints made for TITANIC, FORREST GUMP and TOP GUN were done at Paramount Studios-- some really good sound people. You could visit!

What if you went to your local theatre and redesigned their playback chain? As a test, drag-in your best Hi-Fi stuff-- use their speakers if they are JBL or ALTEC. Play your best sources thru your chosen amps. Then, if their projector has really good tracking, connect the photocell output directly into your preamp. You will hear stunning dynamics that will put CDs and L.P.s out to pasture!

You could even own a movie theatre. You could run only the best shows, and you could design the entire playback chain! You'll never get sound that good in your home, unless it has the acoustics of a properly designed theatre building.


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