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If form does not follow function, then yes, prhformance will likely be compromised... or put another way, if fashionable aesthtics are given higher priority than some performance parameters, then those parameters will compromosed - that is the point of priorities. That said, there may be ways of engineering speakers, at a cost, deliver the aesthetics whilst limiting performance compromises. Limit, but not remove. Cost.

Thankfully, my long time girlfriend loves listening to music and is supportive of my interests. She feels these are moe important than what passes for fashionable aesthetics in this McMansion age of "design", within reason, of course. She likes speakers that look like speakers (ie. wooden boxes - we are a touch old-school), as long as they are well made and finished, and she is encouraging me to put two 300L boxes loaded with GPA Duplexes in our small living space, even if she would prefer something a little smaller.

I won't be thinking about new speakers for a long while after the Duplexes are in the house, but I would like to run a pair of quality horn speakers in a larger room one day... my girl friend is warming to the idea of some the Haigner horns, but draws the line at large, brightly coloured, 200hz or larger round horns. Fair call.


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