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Wow. Just wow.

So how it works for you is that facts go out of date. Would it help if that Wiki page got refreshed recently??

So Norman Crowhurst (was writing 60 years ago) can be ignored? How about Shannon- I suppose he's pretty out of date too huh? and that Nyquist dude- he's so old he's dead? Sheesh!

The Wiki page is factual. If class D had somehow become true digital in the meantime, it would have been an article worth the front cover of every audio magazine in the world.

But apparently you only believe people who listen to stuff for magazines as the only possible experts in the world.

How about people that actually have an engineering degree or work on class D amps or anything like that?

Do you think that because we've only sold tube amps so far, that tube amps are somehow the only thing I know??

Is there any possibility that you simply don't me as a person? Any rational person would know the answer right away- you don't know me, don't know my qualifications, don't know what my job entails, etc. You just have made-up stories.

You've been taken in by advertising; hype, hook, line and sinker.

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