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Rimsky Korsakov Scheherazade from Chasing the Dragon

Posted on March 8, 2024 at 17:32:32

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New release coming up on vinyl and available now via Chasing the Dragon. Anyone hear of it? What do you think?


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Interesting info in the link, posted on March 8, 2024 at 18:33:58
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February 6, 2012
Dave Denyer's enthusiasm certainly comes across - and I like it that Scheherazade is his absolute favorite piece of classical music. Rimsky-Korsakov is my favorite composer, but I prefer some of his operas (and the suites therefrom) - nevertheless, it's always nice to read the opinion of a fellow R-K admirer! (And just by chance, I just ordered R-K's "Practical Manual on Harmony" - which arrived this morning. One of the Amazon customers claims that this is the greatest book on harmony ever written. It certainly seems concise at the very least!)

In answer to your question though, no, I have not heard this new recording (Anthony Inglis and National SO - that's the British National SO, not the Washington DC National SO, headquartered at Kennedy Center, to which I referred in my Gianandrea Noseda post just below.)

BTW, I'm glad to see you around here again - I don't believe I'd encountered one of your posts for quite a few years! ;-)


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