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Digital Drive: Re: Audio Note DAC only for tube gear?????? FRUSTRATION. by darkare

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Re: Audio Note DAC only for tube gear?????? FRUSTRATION.

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I have the same issue with AN DAC1.x with Plinius 8200. It seems like something is missing, just not right. When I pair the AN DAC1.x with Micrex P1 or the CJ MV60SE, the sound improves a lot especially with Micrex P1. I am using FT Audio LW1 (passive), so the impedance matching is important.

I have no doubt about the Plinius gear's capability but it requires 2-week of warming up for optimal sound. While it sounds really good on orchestra pieces but it lacks to magic touch of tube on vocals. If I am into classical, I'll keep the Plinuis but I'm more into vocals and jazz.

I sold the 8200 to my friend and still keeping the AN DAC1.x for future DIY modification. Listened to it last night doing to B-B comparison with my new Blue Note Stibbert, while the Sibbert is more accurate than the AN DAC , the AN still sounds very musical especially on the vocals. The Stibbert is more accurate and transparent while the AN is more laid back.

Another option I tried was to change the IC to silver.
(DAC-> pre> power). This should give you a better focus and transparency. Then swap the AN DAC to Benchmark and then tell us which on is better.

BTW, changing the supplied tube helps a fair bit. Perhaps the S'pore agent(Cecil) can assist you on that area.


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Topic - Audio Note DAC only for tube gear?????? FRUSTRATION. - John C. - Aussie 23:42:48 11/28/04 ( 30)