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Re: GAINCARD DIODES: FE5D 9808 - info


Thanks for the information. As the diodes seem to be better than the standard 10 cent units and seem similar to the fast recovery diodes, I think I'll just keep them in there.

The only components inside the Power Humpty are: the transformer, the circuit board onto which the diodes are soldered, the main wiring, and some miscellaneous wires that powers the little LED on the front panel. That's it. I assume the capacitors are inside the Gaincard unit itself.

As far as the Humpty goes, there doesn't seem to be anything innovative going on in there. I have to say, though, that the transformer seems to be a very good quality one.

The core of the transformer isn't comprised of stacked metal plates, as in most transformers. Rather, it seems to be made of one continuous ribbon of metal which is wound together to form a sort of oval donut (the ribbon is wound together very tightly - at first glance, I initially thought that this core was a solid metal ring). This donut is fairly heavily lacquered (very smooth and glassy looking) and seems to be held together by some clamping bands. The coils are wound around this. The wire for the coils seems to be of a pretty heavy gauge. Again, there are two secondary windings. The coils are wrapped in a heavy craft paper.

The transformer is not a torroid, as some have surmised.

Even though the power supply is quite simple, perhaps the quality of the transformer contributes much to the performance of the amplifier (?).


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