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Re: Inside of Gaincard?

Hmmm... Interesting. Did you already take your Gaincard apart?

No, I don't own one.

The photos were provided by another inmate, cfraser who was given the photos by someone who had taken theirs apart. The photos were already published here on AA in General Asylum back in February. Yoshi Segoshi of Sakura Systems responded claiming that the photos were not of a 47 Labs Gaincard and when asked to provide photos of the internals of a real Gaincard, he refused.

However I showed the photos to someone else I know who has cracked open a Gaincard and he verified that the photos showed what he had seen in the Gaincard he took apart. That along with your saying that the circuit board in the Humpty is of the same "hand etched" type pretty much tells me that Segoshi was being less than truthful in an attempt at damage control (the photos sparked some amount of ridicule).

Here's the thread from General Asylum:


The case on the right looks a lot like the Gaincard. Also the red and blue rubber sleeves towards the top of your photo look a lot like the speaker binding wires on the Gaincard...and the circuit board looks quite a bit like the "hand-etched" circuit board that the Power Humpty diodes were mounted on. It looks pretty crude in there, doesn't it?

Yup. Not something one expects to see in a product with an asking price over $3,000 (the photos were of the 25 watt Gaincard by the way). Personally I'd always thought that the Gaincard was rather grossly overpriced. When I saw the photos, I just had to shake my head.

Well, whatever they do, it sure makes for a good sounding amp (IMO).

I agree with you there. I played around with monolithic power opamps back in the early 90s and was surprised then at how good they can sound. I then tried some hybrid devices and found them to be better still.

Any info on the chip, or the resistors?

The chip is a National LM-3875. Don't know anything about the resistors other than the appear to be garden variety carbon films.

Do you have a photo of the other side of the board?

Sure. Here you go:


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