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Re: Aftermarket power cord for Atma-Sphere M60's

I love them, of course. New owner syndrome? Yes and no. They are just like I thought they'd be like based on the numereous reviews I read about these legends. Super transparent, musical, fast and magical OTLs. I've only had them for three days and have 30+ hours on them. Apparently they need 100 to really fully open up and smooth out. I love them already and cant' wait to put more hours on them. I'm coming from ss amps and this is my first tube amp so how can I not like them? The mids may not be the same as SET (not that I've really heard a properly setup SET system) but compared to some push-pulls and to ss, they are more far than I hoped for. The bass is actually superb on these latest gen's despite other peoples past remarks. I don't miss much in the bass dept. Customer service has also been great.

My speakers are Silverline Audio SR17s, nominal 8, down to 7.2. 89dB. Room is 23x12, speakers on the long wall, near field. No problems at all. But careful matching is required of course.

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