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Re: Geez Dan!


I think you (and Dan) are missing something in this. Speaking as the latest combatant, things did not get ugly quickly. Rather, I watched (and sometimes seethed) over time until, for me, something needed to be said. Part of this build up came from private e-mails from regular posters who concurred with my observations.

>>I think it is very hard on line to make any reasonable judgements about the people with whom we are dealing.<<

If this is true, then please refrain from judging me or others whose nature it is to argue a point with more force than you would choose. Because this is a hi-fi discussion group does not render it immune from human emotion.

With respect to these sorts of exchanges being more personable "in person". Yes and no. I assure you the two points that set me off this week would have come to a head much more quickly in person. My Bullshit-o-meter is far more sensitive when I have the facial expressions and body language to go with the words. What you read here is rather reserved on my part.

I am distrustful of those who claim never to be angry, claim that they never have fights with spouses and friends. Those folks are explosions wainting to be detonated.

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