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Philips 6SN7WGT vs Mullard Brown Base 6SN7

I am considering swaping the Philips JAN 6SN7WGT tubes for Mullard Brown Base 6SN7 tubes in my Cary Audio SLP-98 preamp. I have read some good things about the Mullards. For those that have compared the two, could you please give me a run down on what you found. What type of sonic differences can I expect from the Mullards vs the Philips (top-end, midrange, bass, etc.)?

I have been searching the internet and the best price I can find is $40 each. Could someone point me to a source, of the Mullards, that charge less then $40 each, if possible. I will need to buy four.

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Topic - Philips 6SN7WGT vs Mullard Brown Base 6SN7 - Michael 08:20:16 12/01/99 (15)

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