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How does the Asylum Use Cookies?

Typical cookie trackers that most sites use are objectionable. However, the Asylum does allow the user to choose to use cookies in three ways:

1) Auto-magic Login - If you check the 'Remember Box' from any message post dialogue, then your Moniker and Password will be stored in an encrypted cookie for future login use at the Asylum. This will enable you to post by only filling in the Subject and Message areas with your Moniker, Password and Asylum Email link (with your email preferences) being supplied for you automatically.

2) The alternate Thread View user interface requires the use of cookies to remember your selected preferences. clicking on any of the View, Sort or Last links at the top of one of the forum pages will set a Thread View cookie to remember this setting.

3) The Last Visited option of the Thread View user interface uses your user id to maintain a list of messages read in the last 48 hours. Message read files are sorted and truncated to the last 48 hours with the old contents being discarded whenever you click on the 'Last Visit' link. The message read data is not used by the Asylum in any way except to support your use of the Last Visited feature. Note: To use the Last Visit feature, you must have a 'Remember Me' or auto-login cookie.

You can delete all of these Asylum cookies at any time by clicking on the Eat Me link from any message post form. So take 'em or leave 'em, got milk?

What does "Remember my Moniker and Password" Mean?

When you sign in using your Asylum Moniker and password, your browser can "remember" this information. Check the box and you won't have to sign in each time you come back. (Although we may ask you to re-enter your password if you've been away from the computer for too long.)

Important: You should always remember your Asylum Moniker and password or write them down in a safe place. For your protection, we may ask you to re-enter your Asylum Moniker and password when you access certain personalized services or when you access your Account Information.

Should I check it or not?

If you are concerned that other people might accidentally see your personalized Asylum pages, do not check the "Remember my Moniker & Password" box.

If you use a shared computer (in a library, Internet cafe, university, airport or other common area), DO NOT check the "Remember my Asylum Moniker & Password" checkbox.

What if I change my mind?

You can always change your Asylum Inmate profile by using Imate Login to access the Members Page. From here, click on the link to Manage/Change Account Information.

How does this work?

We do this with something called persistent cookies. More information can be found at Cookie Central.