Posting Rules for Manufacturers and Dealers
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Trade Members have a depth of knowledge about audio products that exceeds that of most enthusiasts. The Asylum welcomes your participation and appreciates your insight. There are many technical questions that can best be answered by those who are deeply involved in this hobby and often, only by those who make their living in this business. There are two general conditions:

  1. All "members of the trade" (manufacturers, dealers, distributors, manufacturer's reps, importers, magazine and e-zine writers and others) shall identify themselves as such in the login profile that posters can access by the "profile info" link (M, D or R). That way any reader who wants to know if the poster has any special expertise - or vested interest - in the subject of the post can find that information.
  2. We ask that you observe the following special rules for posting which are designed to maintain the non-commercial, hobbyist nature of the Asylum while maximizing the participation of industry members.
The Asylum is most definately NOT anti-trade. On the contrary, trade members are a welcome and vital part of the Asylum community; however, the Asylum is not the place for self promotion and advertising of audio products or services.

Rules for members of the trade.

  1. All members of the trade must register and create an inmate profile that identifies them as such and identifies the specific business in which they are engaged. Posts that appear to be from members of the trade that are not linked to a profile will be deleted.
  2. No member of the trade shall use his/her business name, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number or URL as part of his/her moniker. This Rule includes magazine and e-zine writers and editors. Trade members may use the "info" link to make this information available and may use their company email addresses for registration, but must use a different moniker/username than the default email address for their posts.
  3. A member of the trade may not volunteer any information about a specific product that he is selling or making, in response to a general request for information about a type of product or in any other discussion.
  4. A trade member may post announcements about a product he makes or sells only on the News Asylum.
The Bored wants to emphasize the fact that, if the Asylum community is to continue to be a fun and friendly place for all participants, goodwill and a sense consideration for others is essential. No set of rules, no matter how well applied, is a substitute for that essential ingredient. The Bored hopes that members of the trade in particular will see that their reputation in the Asylum community is enhanced by compliance with these Rules.

If you have questions about these rules, send e-mail to Trade Rule Inquiry at Audio Asylum

Have fun and enjoy the Asylum.