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we bought ours in south Phila at an Italian marble Co.

Posted by petew on April 9, 1999 at 17:18:44:

We had this Sartorous ballance that had a rediculous 0.00001 resolution, and even in the lab on the ground floor in the room with the mass spectrograph (vibration isolated floating room; and I mean the old kind of mass spec that looks like a concert grand piano on steroids) we just couldn't get it still. Great fun though, we took the company truck on an adventure in south Phila to this fantastic place that looked like a scene from "Breaking Away", where they had huge slabs of Italian marble and wet saws on excentrics with water and stone dust going every which way. The showroom had the most beautiful stonework I've ever seen anywhere, even in pictures. You just can't believe stone can look so deep and warm and in so many colors. Anyway we had them make up a few ballance tables just like the ones in the Fischer catalogue for about $60 each. They were beautiful. The lab's gone now. Wonder who got the tables? (he, he)