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Poor outdoor antenna performance

Posted by ThomGonzales on December 1, 2020 at 15:03:56:

I recently installed an outdoor antenna to my MD T108 which for years had been used with an indoor mounted MD ST antenna. I thought I would get much better performance, but alas no. The antenna is Winegard HD-6010 HD mounted on the side of the house. The coax is normal tri-shielded RG6.

The signal strength remained the same, which is fine as it is quite strong without much multi-path. I'm getting noticeable static, however, especially during quiet segments of classical music.

I'm open to ideas/suggestions. I tried rotating the outdoor antenna as much as was easy to do from a the top of a ladder, with out much difference. I upgraded to Channel Master CM-3203 High Performance Outdoor Balun Matching Transformer Deluxe--again without any real difference.

The curious thing is that when I replaced the outdoor antenna with the MD ST the same (roof mounted) location, the performance failed to improve. This is curious because the I would have thought that if the ST inside was as good as the roof mounted antenna outside, moving the ST outside and further up would better both prior opinions. ...but it didn't. Which suggests that something else is going on--a bad cable, maybe?

I could move the antenna higher, with would likely require the help a handyman, I could change the coax, I could even try a different antenna. Do you have suggestions?