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RE: Both?!!!

Posted by torc on April 2, 2020 at 07:09:27:

I'm sure you are right - again, I am a newbie at the very beginning of my tape journey. I said "both" because I looked at the A77 owner's manual, and on pages 16 through 19, it showed illustrations entitled "Mono Half Track."Stereo Quarter Track." "Stereo Half Track." etc. I must be misunderstanding what that means. Again, I appreciate the knowledge you folks bring, and I'm just trying to learn something new.

I am surprised to hear that a player of this (mid-range?) caliber, once adjusted and calibrated, would not be superior to a good vinyl set up. I'm still interested in playing and learning from this machine, but then it seems likely that the benefits of reel to reel tape may live in a place I can't afford to go.

Thanks again,