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RE: Which SET is next logical "step up" from 300B?

Posted by rogerh113 on June 9, 2022 at 07:06:01:

You are taking a look at two different things. Quality of sound and volume.

If you have too little power, then there will be no bass. If the amp has poor quality sound, it will sound bad. Driving large iron with small power will result in poor bass. Not sure how you get around that one.

Volume is a different issue, and the smaller room plays into that. If memory serves, Heresy are the smallest heritage speaker Klipsch makes - I was running a pair of Forte in a fairly small space with no issues.

Once you get the speaker to sound good, then you need to make sure it can sound like that at all volumes. One problem with low volumes is using the standard resistive dividing network for volume control. To 'turn down the volume' you dump your hard-won signal as heat into a resistor (as opposed to it going to your amp). Most volume pots are not linear, so when you are at 'half volume' you are dumping more than half your signal as heat.

If your low volume performance is poor, you might want to try a quality TVC (transformer volume control). Like in all things, getting a TVC with crappy transformers will likely not turn out well.