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RE: Which SET is next logical "step up" from 300B?

Posted by RGA on June 7, 2022 at 01:06:43:

Yeah it's tough a lot of folks go from 300B to 2a3 although I sorta feel it is about the quality of the transformers than just the tube type. The Meishu Tonmeister blew me away - the only 300B amp to ever make me want it over 2a3 (even more expensive 2a3).

Nevertheless, I am trying for a Jinro 211. Not because it has more power because I don't need the power but just because I think it sounds better (more complete) than 2a3 or 300b or 45 etc. But is very expensive - above that is the 212 but those are unobtanium priced and just too big and hot and sometimes overkill just bothers me - the 211 Jinro - love it every time I hear it. Can play all music. Probable is it costs more than a fully loaded Toyota Camry.

On the other hand - I don't need a car where I live - so...