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RE: Which SET is next logical "step up" from 300B?

Posted by rogerh113 on June 5, 2022 at 07:39:18:

Likely your first step is to determine how much power you really need to drive your woofers, if you want to use a separate driver for the woofers, or if you don't care much about the bass side of things.

A small, full range driver (which usually does not do bass well) does not need a lot of power. Your large woofers do need power to perform properly with good bass control.

I would guess that your options are - 1) enjoy what you have, or experiment with other similar options in the mid to hf range; 2) get a dual power amp setup, and enjoy set at the top and mid, and ss or pp at the bottom end (more complicated); or 3) get a relatively high power set (like 805) that will put out 35 to 50 watts (probably minimum you realistically need).

For fun, you might want to borrow a mid powered push pull in the power range you reckon you need, and try it in your system. Focus on the bottom end, and see if you hear a difference. Likely that is what you are missing with your set amp. Then envision your set end top with the augmented bass. That might well provide some perspective on a way forward.