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Wavelength Audio

Posted by Sibelius on June 5, 2022 at 07:34:15:

Gordon Rankin (one of the originalist SET amp builders) offers a commercial monoblock amp, the Corona, based around many of the low power triodes (50, 45, "others"). He's not a fan of the 2A3 however, but I'd bet he'd build one if you wanted it. I have a 20+ year old 300B integrated of his that is mothballed at this point, but it's a very solid build and sounds wonderful.

I have no idea what his current prices are ($$$ likely), website isn't the greatest, but he does respond quickly to emails. He's posted here several times (when he has the time) so you can do a search and get an idea of what he has to say about SETs and tubes.

Triode Labs (triodelab.com) also has several SET offerings as well that look nice although I have no experience with them. Really pretty slim pickin's on commercial SET amps these days.

Many more on here with much more experience than me, but mostly DIY suggestions whenever this topic comes up. I don't DIY either. Always wanted to try, but physical limitations exist that prevent me from being capable.