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RE: Decware SE84UFO25

Posted by pictureguy on May 30, 2021 at 16:45:19:

Something from the Klipsch Heritage line......I think 5 or maybe 6 models. People tend to 'leap' at the cornerhorn, but few can afford them PLUS the space needed.

Certainly no room in my house for La Scala or Corner Horns....or deep enough pockets, either!

Forte IV will fit and be barely attainable....

For an amp? DecWare Torii MKIV at 25x2 with some useful features included.....I will NOT go nuts with the variety of output tubes available from EL34 to some from the KT series.....and I presusme others, as well.....

STILL need to migrate up to the dealer to listen to thses. MIght be awful and I stay where I am? Or so seductive I leave the wife as collateral......In between?

I DO know that with speakers of such high sensitivity, that amp noise becomes or COULD become an issue. Decware runs very conservatively and are said to be extremely quiet in operation......