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RE: Decware SE84UFO25

Posted by weedeewop on April 29, 2021 at 16:18:32:

That is why I'm asking as listening to their open baffle speaker was ok for midrange, and bass was MIA as expected. Steve Deckert applies a ZROCK equalizer to bring up the bass and smooth out the lower treble. I imagine the bas boost is on the order of 12 dB. If it is then I'd think it would tax a flea weight amp. The coefiguraton sounded ok if not pushed t0o hard. For my listening levels it is a maybe. The little flea watt amp he has sounds pretty great to these ears, which is why I am on the hunt for something.
Any specific horns I should consider, and I agree 100 dB MOL. I thinking Altec Valencias as a possibility. There is a pair of Barcelonas available near me. but I'm not familiar with them.
Thanks for the input.