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RE: I have a very early version of the 2.5V TJ Mesh Plate (perferations, not real mesh)...

Posted by PakProtector on July 13, 2020 at 04:39:22:

Well, the ST build fixes the top to the glass with some mica. The design of this mica varied a fair bit, usually little nubs, the Tung-Sol mouse ears, and the 5881/6098-style additional pads...

The folks I talked to all said this was assembly for assembly alignment. As with all the internal features that often seem taken as hallmarks of THe Right Tube, I do have my doubts as to their intentional addition for anything else other than improving and shortening the ramp up to full specification production when it came time to execute a type run.

There have been plenty of leaner tubes through my hands, though this has mostly been base to glass. Sift a big pile of 6SN7's and see...:)