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Re: Affordable SET amps for Alon Lotus speakers

Posted by Johann E on April 27, 2000 at 02:09:12:

Were you the guys who reviewed the GTA SE40 at http://www.audioreview.com ?

Personal taste and perception do change over even a short space of time, doesn't it? But don't let go of the SE40 just yet. I recently
got myself a GTA SE300B new in box, and have yet to compare it with my
3 month old SE40 :)

As for loose bass...a true SET amp with low damping factor won't help there. Alons that I have heard with even hybrid tube/SS amps were loose in the bass, IMHO.

Try bi-amping. SE40 on the bottom perhaps and SE300B on the mids/highs. Let me know if you got a chance to do that.