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Headset only working on right side

Posted by Nathantu on September 4, 2020 at 03:37:35:

Headset only working on right side

Hello all. When I plug in my Turtle Beach PX24 headset to my PC case I can only hear audio mainly out of my right ear but with further playing with levels, very very little is coming from the left side. The wire connects on the right side. My issue comes in with me trying a pair of children's headphones in the same port, they sound balanced on both sides. When I plug the TB headset into my monitor it sounds balanced perfectly with good sound quality. However this means the cord is annoyingly right over my wasd keys. When I plug it into my Xbox controller, it also works perfectly fine on both sides although noticeably less sound quality. I would prefer to just plug the headset into my PC case. Any help or assistance would be highly appreciated. Thanks.