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RE: Alternative stands for SMGa's?

Posted by FX35 on September 20, 2020 at 17:48:25:

Well, it's actually NOT magic, you just can't measure or explain every aspect of how the brain processes sound waves through the human hearing system. This debate has been going on for years, the tech/spec camp says "If everything measures the same, it must sound the same", but experienced audiophiles all agree that despite identical specs and measurements, audio electronics and cables from various manufacturers all have their own sonic signature. Why do you think most High-End manufacturers choose critical components by ear in the final production stages?.........because machines can not measure the complexity of human reactions to sound waves.

So........ if you consider the fact that hearing is inconsistent between humans (just like taste and recognition of colors)and that critical component selection is made by designers on personal preferences, you might begin to understand why all amps and cables vary in audio reproduction.

You're not the first one to react like this, but that's OK, I've met plenty like you, little to no experience in High-End, listening to practically the same low-fi system their whole life, read a few books, maybe even studied electronics for a while, and then they know it all!
If anyone has been in a cave, it's you.