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RE: For reference - for others swapping 2ohm for 3ohm ribbons ...

Posted by andyr on September 11, 2020 at 22:03:51:

The above is a pic of the top end of my mid/ribbon frames, showing the extra length I had to extend by ribbon slot by. This was made a bit harder in my case because there is a rebate either side of the slot for the ribbon cage flanges to fit into - these rebates also had to be extended.

(In contrast to a stock Maggie, I have my ribbons 'back to front ' and mounted on the front of my hardwood frames - so that the sound from the ribbons is not diffracted by the horizontal bars of the ribbon cage. The rebate is there to put the ribbon in the same vertical plane as the mylar of the adjacent T-IVa mid panels.)

Roger kindly measured his 3ohm ribbons and determined that, as the ribbon cage is 5/8" (16mm) longer than the older 2ohm ribbon cage - and the screw holes are positioned the same as with the 2ohm ribbon cage - the length extension required is 5/16" (8mm), each end.