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RE: Waz . . . adieu!

Posted by patmacav on February 27, 2012 at 22:54:39:

JBen, Good to know. And I understand that web maintenance can be tricky, I was a programmer/developer/maintenance/tester/designer prior to my retirement. Just another working schmuck, now trying to survive on my meager pension and savings until I'm old enough to draw from SS.

Just seems to me, that I see way too much animosity and contentiousness everywhere I look on the internet these days. That and advertising, advertising everywhere we look.

Case in point, I thought Angelina Jolie looked anorexic on the Oscars last night. And seeing her look the way she does, concerns me and I hope she doesn't have an eating disorder, or some other health issue because she just didn't look well.

Apparently I'm not the only person who thought at least part of these things. She made Yahoo's news.. (I know, who doesn't or when doesn't she). But anyway, the point is, if you look at the comments following the Yahoo news article about her, there are just sickening numbers of hateful comments about her in the comment section, about the way she looked. Hateful things being written and shared. It's unbelievable how many unhappy or angry people are eager to attack her just for her looks, or who she is, or whatever she represents to them. That's the kind of thing that concerns me; this avalanche of anger, hate, and contentiousness out there, is just so disturbing.

I don't see it to that degree here. But it would be great if we could all just try to remember the golden rule. You know, we all learned it in grade school; 'treat others the way you would like others to treat you'. Ask ourselves if whatever it is we are posting would make us feel better if it were something someone else posted at or to us.

Random acts of kindness. Paying it forward. The golden rule. However you want to call it. In the '60s we called it 'peace' as the police were bashing heads..

And so I say to you and to all here..