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RE: Looking to leave the Maggie Fold?

Posted by BruceS on February 20, 2012 at 17:15:47:

While you may be disposed to leave the maggie fold I think that if you leave the planar fold you will most likely be headed for disappointment!
As I see it there are three real Planar alternatives.
Firstly, there are the full range electrostatics (that's me, I am super biased, so apart from a little gentle urging, I won't say much more!).
Secondly, there are the electrostatic hybrids, the Martin Logans most readily come to mind, but why not consider the Sanders Sound? I think that they have a lot to offer. Why not send Roger Sanders an email and sound him out? He seems to be a really well respected, genuine and knowledgeable sort of person who loves his planars.
Thirdly, why not consider some other ribbon planar? Let me suggest a look at the SoulSonics? I think that if I was considering a ribbon planar I would take them very seriously. There was a big discussion about them recently over on the other planar forum? The owner of SoulSonic seems to be a helpful Roger Sanders sort of person, why not contact him if this direction appeals?
I see it like this.
We are like friends here.
Friends help each other out.
I am pretty certain that after having lived with planars, anything else will leave you flat.
If you find me to be biased, I openly admit it!!!
Don't leave, just look wider afield!
Hope this helps.