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RE: Looking to leave the Maggie Fold?

Posted by richard hickey on February 18, 2012 at 14:48:41:

I understand your comments on the 3.6's as I sold mine for the many of reasons you note. However, I continue to frequent this board because of the knowledge and similar thoughts as I have about audio. An additional challenge I had was I was always worried about frying another tweeter panel and was always watching my SPL meter to ensure I was not over driving them with my Classe CA-400. I bought a pair of Velodyne SPL 8's and got them close to integrating but never got the sound totally balanced.

I ended up moving on to Audio Note E-Spe speakers and their 300B power amp and have come close to the openness of the 3.6's and feel the AN sound is more dynamic without all the hysteria of tweeter panels and subwoofers. I recognize these are subjective comments but wanted to share that there are always new roads to explore in this hobby and the 3 years away from the 3.6's has left me satisfied with the changes I made and I no longer have the same nervosa which I attributed to some of the weaknesses of the 3.6's. I am not criticizing Maggies and prior to this change had been a Maggie guy since my first pair of MG-1's in 1978.