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RE: I could live with either

Posted by JBen on February 17, 2012 at 11:18:28:

LOL! We are going to have a kind argument, if you will. The 8B (to me) could not do that as well as the 1.7s. However, we may be looking at different aspects.

Perhaps the difference has to do with the 8B being able to go further down in frequency than the 1.7s. Also, almost needless to say, the 8B are more dynamic-sounding.

The 1.7s, down to the (less ample) frequency limit that they reach, delivered more detil at the bottom. In a crude oversimplification, the 8B is more impressive in range and dynamics at the bottom. Meanwhile, the 1.7 goes for detail and textures for as low as it can reach.

The 1.7 is no wimp on dynamics but the 8B brags from the get go that it can push some serious air. In fact, if it could do this at very loud levels it would have made a killing in the market, I suspect.

As it is, the 8Bs combination of fine planar sound and dynamic impact can't be had at this price point elsewhere. Which is why I always tell my friends about it. Most of them crave the dynamics more than I do...which may mean that I have loose gene or something.